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Come to TC to hear from and network with thought leaders in the healthcare industry and understand how they are leveraging Tableau across their organizations to improve operational excellence, population health and revenue cycle management. Attend keynotes to hear Tableau’s vision for the future and understand new product features and how they can help you glean pragmatic, real-world, value-based insights from our data. For the first time, check out Healthcare sessions at Data Cube 1 presented by Prominence Advisors on Friday, November 15. Data Cube 1 in Data Village will feature a full day dedicated to healthcare content and networking.

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This year there are 28 healthcare specific sessions highlighting best practices in self-service visual analytics across multiple lines of business and functions. From strategic planning and human resources management, to operations and supply chain management, you'll leave TC19 with visionary, pragmatic, real-world, and value based solutions. Want to learn from others in the healthcare industry? Check out Healthcare sessions at Data Cube 1 presented by Prominence Advisors in Data Village on Friday, November 15.

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Thought leaders in the healthcare industry like LifeLong Medical Care, UnitedHealth Group, Kaiser Permanente and more, share how they’re leveraging Tableau to improve operational excellence and population health management across their organizations. Attend keynotes to hear Tableau's vision for the future and get the inside scoop on the latest product features that will improve your daily use.

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Connect and network with your peers at Braindates, meetups, and the Healthcare cabanas in Data Village. Visit Data Village to meet with Tableau’s partners to discover new tools and resources. With a community built of Tableau game-changers, healthcare meetups and networking opportunities ignite meaningful conversations specific to your interest. Make real connections with experts in your field to create tangible improvements in your organization.