Tableau Conference is where thousands of data-loving people gather to learn, collaborate, and build connections from all over the world. As a Partner at TC, you’ll get to elevate your Tableau skills, connect with Tableau's vibrant community, align with us at Global Partner Summit, and attend exclusive sessions throughout the week.

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Global Partner Summit

Global Partner Summit is our largest partner event of the year, uniting the Tableau and Partner community from around the world. Join us on Tuesday, November 12, for this all-day pre-conference event to:

  • Get a sneak peek at our product roadmap
  • Align on Tableau's priorities and investments for the year ahead
  • Learn about the latest Partner Program updates
  • Build connections with Tableau leadership and your peers
  • Learn more

Exclusive Partner Sessions

In addition to the hundreds of hours of learning opportunities for all Tableau Conference attendees, there are five exclusive partner sessions throughout the week specially selected and designed to enable your success. Sessions include:
  • Compete to Win
  • Developer Platform Overview
  • Embedded Analytics with Tableau
  • Licensing Made Easy
  • Understand Server Tools

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Looking to grow your Tableau business? There's no better way than through TC sponsorship. Tableau Conference attendees are hungry for solutions to help them leverage their investment in Tableau and expand their skills and knowledge—which means you’ll want to show up big. Engage with decision makers, generate quality leads, and showcase your product or solution. This is your time to shine.

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