Director of Information Mgmt, AmeriPride Services
Anthony Ordner is a confirmed technology geek whose interest started when his family bought a TRS-80 Color Computer with 4k of memory and audio cassette storage. Over the years this hobby expanded from keying in basic programs from magazines, to home networking, custom computer builds, programming, and all things technology. He attended the University of Minnesota Duluth with an eye towards computer science, but later shifted to a degree in Criminology. In 1996 a friend reached out to recruit him to a programming position with AmeriPride Services and his hobby became a full time job. During his 20+ years at AmeriPride he has worked on the route accounting systems, systems integration, reporting, profit analysis, process improvement, and whatever else he could get his hands into. Today he is leading the charge to enable informed decision making through data visualization and standardization. AmeriPride Services is an Aramark Company