Sales Consultant, Tableau
Prior to joining Tableau, Roman Usatin was in K-18 education for 14 years as a teacher, professor, and administrator in various capacities.  Roman began his career as a NYC public school math teacher and an adjunct professor at CUNY Brooklyn College. During this time, he earned two Masters degrees in Mathematics Education and Computer Science and earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Seton Hall University. He was promoted throughout the K-12 environment by making major impacts in his schools through connecting people to their data. He became the director of data and then the dean of students at an NYC independent school. After this, Roman served as a Principal in Residence in a charter school in Newark, NJ, where he helped drastically reduce failure rates from 70% failures to 30% failures through introducing data driven instruction and intervention programs throughout the school. He was also an Assistant Principal in several NYC public high schools before making the switch to Tableau. He joined Tableau because he believes in the mission: to help people see and understand data. Roman is currently a Sales Consultant, serving as a technical resource and advisor to Enterprises around the Northeast region. His prior 14 years as educator on High School and University Levels include Math & Computer Science Instructor, Director of Data, Dean of Students, High School Principal, and Assistant Principal. His experience includes big data, particularly federal longitudinal sets, and he is proficient in explaining advanced concepts to general audiences. Roman worked with and taught classes extensively with high level languages (i.e. SPSS, R, C++, Java) and wrote a dissertation on using novel statistical methodologies for program evaluation at large scales.