Solutions Architect, HCL America Inc.
Trusted innovator and a passionate creative professional with a Bachelor’ Degree in Fine Arts, with specialization in Applied Art (Graphic Design), having extensive knowledge and diversified experience with analytical and design thinking in creating best-in-class User Experiences, setting Usability and Innovative Data Visualization Standards, regardless of platform, technical constraints, project phase(s) and business complexity, for over 20+ years. Helping enterprises to tell a visual story with data, across BI Technologies, using a unique medium of "Art + Technology". Proven track record in analyzing the pain points of the Business and its users to design highly Innovative and meaningful visualizations for effective business decisions/insights. Having in-depth knowledge of a wide range of software applications, reporting tools and web technologies, as well as rapid adaptability to new and changing technologies to keep abreast of changing trends and to meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry in creating next-gen visualization standards.