Speaker(s): Jonathan Drummey

Scaffolding, imputing, padding, densifying, pivoting...there are many words for the structural data metamorphoses that we require for transforming our raw data into analytics-ready sources, custom chart types, and/or gorgeously interactive dashboards. In this densely packed high velocity session Tableau Zen Master Hall of Famer Jonathan Drummey will help you navigate the landscape of possible use cases so you know when & why you need to densify and go deep into the details of how to set up your data sources & views in Tableau Desktop, Prep, and/or SQL. Prerequisites: knowledge of pivots, unions, and cross/Cartesian joins.

Theme: Dashboard and Design, Data and Analytics Skills
Type: Session
Level: Jedi
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Time: Wednesday - 12:15pm to 1:16pm

Recording and Materials