Speaker(s): Steven Egan

Every organization aspires to be analytics-driven, but the journey to get there is riddled with obstacles. Most organizations simply fall short, whether because of a shortage of analytics talent or talent with the technical skills but a lack of business/domain expertise, complex analytics landscapes, limited data and applications access, data quality issues, or a lack of collaboration across departments, to name a few, resulting in low analytics adoption across the enterprise. At Neebo, we set out to solve these challenges and developed a virtual analytics hub where cross-functional teams of analytics professionals can easily connect, find, create, reuse, and collaborate on data and other analytics assets scattered in the cloud or on-premise, putting the power back into the hands of business with the domain expertise to perform the analytics needed to make the right strategic decisions.

Topic: Center of Excellence, Getting started with Tableau, Data Culture, Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data Culture
Type: Session
Level: Beginner
Role: Data Leader
Track: Sponsor
Time: Friday - 11:30am to 12:01pm

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