Do you enjoy data? Check. How about Tableau? Check. Are you interested in healthcare? Check. Do you want to improve your visualization skills? Absolutely. Lindsay Betzendahl, the founder of #ProjectHealthViz, will share how you can get involved in a community visualization project aimed to help you practice your Tableau skills with healthcare data. You will learn how #ProjectHealthViz started, how participating can benefit your career, and how you can join a community of passionate healthcare data geeks! You’ll then have the opportunity to learn how HealthDataViz tackled the common challenge of making data available, beautiful and informative by revamping NYC's public health data website. Every month, more than 1,000 people visit NYC Epiquery (Epidemiology + Query) to access public health survey, vital records and surveillance data, and related information. However, the site was outdated, fragmented, and difficult to use. They used persona development, guided analytics, best practices of data visualization and Tableau to completely transform the data application. They made the most of Tableau by employing action filters, parameters, Javascript API and R-integration to create functionality such as a statistical testing tool and links to related resources. The result is a seamless, easy-to-use and high-impact application with custom reports customized for the novice to the advanced user. In addition to revamping the Epiquery website, we also redesigned the Community Health Profiles, resulting in interactive, print-friendly and engaging overviews of each community in New York City.

Theme: Tableau Community
Type: Interactive
Level: Everyone
Track: Internal
Category: Healthcare
Time: Friday - 10:30am to 11:31am