Speaker(s): Hendrik Kleine

With the exponential rate at which firms acquire and store data today, it can become all too easy to get lost in data. Typically, we see operations aggregate that data and measure performance against a set of targets. Doing so at scale can be challenging and we often see traffic light dashboards simplifying past results without looking for signals in the data serving as precursors to future performance. In this session you’ll learn about statistical process controls (SPC), how to visualize SPC charts in Tableau, how to identify and highlight signals, and how to bring it all together in a simple, easy to understand dashboard, all while respecting existing business targets and support data-driven decision making.

Topic: Customer Use Cases, Data Science and Statistics
Theme: Data and Analytics Skills, Data Culture
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Category: Healthcare
Time: Thursday - 4:00pm to 5:01pm

Recording and Materials