Time to tuck table calcs into your already impressive Tableau tool-belt? This session was designed with your analytical insights in mind. Join our hands-on attempt to better understand table calcs. We’ll tackle more complex functions (other than the basic “Quick Table Calculations” menu) and solve more advanced nested calculations as they pertain to specific business problems. By session’s close, you’ll have mastered skills like writing table calcs via the calculation dialog, customizing calcs through partitioning and addressing, filtering and much more. Joiners should be familiar with applying basic table calcs from the right-click menu (percent of total, year over year growth, etc.), changing how a table calc is computed using the drop-down menu (table down, pane down), writing basic calculations (profit ratios, percentages), and an understanding of basic aggregations (SUM, AVG, MIN/MAX).

Topic: Calculations
Theme: Smart Analytics
Type: Hands-on Training
Level: Advanced
Track: Analytics
Time: Wednesday - 10:30am to 12:31pm