Everything in Marketing boils down to a data problem. In order to be proactive in decision making, data has to be consumed from every possible resource. Whether you are importing leads from trade shows and events, creating monthly metrics or tracking campaigns, it’s challenging to cleanse and prepare the data from various sources for downstream analytics. In order for any business to stay competitive, the data has to be consumed as quickly as possible. By leveraging Trifacta for data preparation and Tableau for visual analytics, Singlewire has managed to save 62 days a year by reducing turnaround time from 8 hours to 30 minutes for a typical report. As a small team, mostly with experience in Excel, they were able to accomplish this in house and without hiring data scientists or learning complex hand code. Through telling effective stories with the data they receive, Singlewire now has the ability to make proactive decisions and adapt their marketing plan to align with trends as they change.

Topic: Sales and Marketing Analytics, Data Management, ROI and Business Value, Storytelling with Data
Theme: Data and Analytics Skills
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst, Business User
Track: Sponsor
Category: Marketing
Time: Thursday - 10:30am to 11:01am

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