Speaker(s): Robert Kincaid, Mya Warren

Recommendation systems are becoming ubiquitous. From targeted advertising to Netflix movie recommendations, we are constantly being directed toward hopefully useful suggestions. What if a similar system could help you find relevant views and dashboards that already exist in your online content? What if you could be inspired by the designs of dashboards similar to the one you are in the process of creating? This session will provide a brief overview of how recommendation systems work and describe ongoing efforts at Tableau to create systems that discover and recommend existing online content relevant to a Tableau user’s interests or task. We’ll discuss recent progress in this area as well as potential scenarios for how this functionality can be employed in Tableau Online and Tableau Public.

Topic: Tableau Server, Tableau Online
Theme: Smart Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Track: Research & Innovation
Time: Wednesday - 10:30am to 11:31am

Recording and Materials