Speaker(s): Daniel Marino, Tim Daniels

Tableau’s sophisticated visualizations combined with the power of Arria’s Natural Language Generation accelerates strategic decision making for dashboard users. As humans we gain a deeper level of understanding when we combine strong narrative and images. Arria offers new ways to interact with your dashboards, dynamically generating narrative insights which describe your underlying data. As you click through your dashboard your story will evolve. Further extending your ability to communicate with your dashboard, Ask Arria, will dynamically generate answers to your questions. Arria’s extension to Tableau will complement the value of your existing dashboard by providing actionable insights in language.

Topic: AI/ML/IOT/NLP, Storytelling with Data
Theme: Smart Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Business User, Analyst
Track: Sponsor
Time: Friday - 12:30pm to 1:01pm

Recording and Materials