Speaker(s): Paul Lampi, Sameer Khan

The healthcare industry has seen the largest increase in nursing hospital overtime since 1990 which is impacting turnover rates and potentially resulting in patient-safety concerns. It's no surprise that overall labor expenses are on the rise, particularly nursing overtime costs, To turn this unsustainable pattern around, we formed an interdisciplinary team to identify solutions and used Tableau to bring numerous, disparate data systems together to make it easier to see correlations between contributing factors such as vacancies, contract agency spend and scheduling system use. Come learn about our findings and how we are facilitating real change while also empowering CFOs, CNOs, HR Directors, Nursing Managers and more to tackle increasing labor expenses and rising overtime costs.

Topic: Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data Culture
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst, Data Leader
Track: Customer
Category: Healthcare
Time: Wednesday - 4:00pm to 5:01pm

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