Speaker(s): Jonas Eckhardt, Jan Finis

With Tableau’s all-new Hyper API, developers can now use full CRUD (Create Read Update Delete database) support at Hyper-speed and unleash the power of SQL to interact with .hyper files, writing applications to access data sources for which Tableau does not provide a connector, automate ETL processes (e.g. rolling window updates), and retrieve data from .hyper files. In this session, we will guide you through more advanced scenarios with the Hyper API and other Tableau APIs. In particular. We will implement a rolling window refresh for a Hyper data source on Tableau Server. This training will use Python, so basic Python knowledge is required. After this training, you will be able to write applications that combine multiple APIs to achieve your scenarios. In particular, you will be able to download Hyper data sources from Tableau Server using the REST API, update and delete data within that data source using the Hyper API, and re-publish the data source using the REST API.

Topic: Automation, APIs and Extensibility, Data Connectors, Cloud Data
Theme: Embedded Analytics
Type: Hands-on Training
Level: Advanced
Role: Developer, Business User
Track: Developer
Category: IT and Product Manager
Time: Thursday - 4:00pm to 5:01pm