Take it from two Tableau pros who built their careers on these fundamental lessons. You will see real initiatives driven from beginning to end; from whiteboard to data blends, from strategic planning to department-wide communication. Prepare for left and right brained explosions. Learn from us and make it your own! This session will: - Provide Leadership and Operations with concepts and conversation starters to drive individual, team, and organizational success alongside data. - Leverage Tableau Blueprint best practices to communicate expectations to your team, build careers, track progress, and iterate as you grow and strategically plan. - Break down silos between you and your analysts to give your teams and their leaders the tools they need to work and communicate effectively. All levels welcome!

Topic: Tableau Blueprint
Theme: Data Culture
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst, Data Leader, Business User
Track: Tableau Blueprint
Time: Friday - 10:30am to 11:31am

Recording and Materials