Have you ever walked into a department that looked like a spaghetti bowl of data challenges? A year ago, thousands of our compliance metrics were locked away in clunky management systems and inundated by hundreds of excel documents being passed around. All of this changed when we embraced data science solutions, modernized data management systems, and built a self-service reporting experience using Tableau products. In less than a year, we saw a double-digit increase in operational efficiency as thousands of compelling metric visualizations are now available within three clicks of a mouse, with the entire experience built around a website-like look-and-feel that enables thousands of employees to get to compliance information, from the highest to lowest level details. Whoever says you can't design a dashboard for every type of user is right, but you can design a navigational experience consisting of many different types of dashboards that solves for all levels of your company.

Topic: Customer Use Cases
Theme: Embedded Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Beginner
Role: Analyst, Developer
Track: Customer
Category: Healthcare
Time: Thursday - 12:15pm to 1:16pm

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