Speaker(s): Joseph Roach

This session discusses how HRSA's Integrated Resource Management System, with visualizations powered by Tableau, provides auditors, accountants and risk managers with advanced analytics and self-service tools to reach data-driven decisions across areas such as internal controls, financial operations, and enterprise risk management. You will see interactive demonstrations with data analytics and visualizations that sift through voluminous financial transactions to identify transactional risks and anomalies in areas such as credit card, use of prior year funds, grants and acquisition management, etc., through near real-time access to a broad array of data sources.

Topic: Automation, APIs and Extensibility, Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data and Analytics Skills
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Category: Finance, Public Sector
Time: Thursday - 2:15pm to 3:16pm

Recording and Materials