Speaker(s): Lucas Whaley

Lima One Capital is one of the fastest growing companies in the specialty mortgage lending industry, focused on bringing affordable lending to local real estate markets. However, the company's journey to that achievement contained numerous obstacles: Limited capital, time and people resources along with a lack of data strategy and supporting technology. To accomplish some ambitious goals to grow revenue, Lima One Capital recognized the need to mature its data strategy and invest in a new data analytics platform. In this session, learn how Lima One Capital, along with their strategic technology partner, Data Meaning, selected Tableau and Matillion to help build a new data analytics platform which allowed the business to: Double in size over the last 10 months, Create an analytics program that is 85 percent self-service, Automate 5,200 manual task hours across the company so far this year, and Reduce the workload on data entry by up to 20 percent.

Topic: ROI and Business Value, Center of Excellence, Customer Use Cases, Getting started with Tableau
Theme: Tableau at Scale, Data Culture
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Data Leader, IT Decision Maker
Track: Sponsor
Category: Financial Services
Time: Friday - 11:00am to 12:01pm

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