Speaker(s): Liza Mundy

Data literacy is valuable at all times, but it’s particularly vital in moments of crisis. At no time has this been truer than in World War II, when many of our modern STEM fields—and data management systems—were born and developed. During World War II, the airwaves were crackling with coded enemy communications, which Allied forces needed to snatch from the ether; decipher; sort, and disseminate to the right people. Enormous amounts of data had to be managed and made sense of. This had to happen fast, with the fate of the free world at stake, so Allied leaders could make informed decisions and commanders could outsmart the Nazis and other Axis forces. Because the men were off fighting in every corner of the globe, this top-secret work was done by…..women.

Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Track: Internal
Time: Wednesday - 11:00am to 12:01pm

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