Speaker(s): Amy Song

Want to learn more about ecommerce analytics and how to use data to optimize your business online? Then this session is for you! On GoDaddy's Website Analytics team, we are calculated in monitoring our website business health. We believe the true value of analytics is to eliminate the distance between looking at a bunch of numbers and implementing business action to improve performance. Learn how our journey started, from a homegrown traffic solution, to Google Analytics, to GA data through Tableau reports, and all the trials and tribulations in between. We will share the effective KPIs we track, why they are important, how they empower the business with actionable insights, and of course, how Tableau enables these insights to jump off the page. For marketing analysts, web analysts, and general data enthusiasts: You will leave this session with clear understanding of how to turn data into business strategy to grow revenue online.

Topic: Customer Use Cases, Sales and Marketing Analytics
Theme: Data and Analytics Skills
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Category: Marketing
Time: Thursday - 4:00pm to 5:01pm

Recording and Materials