Speaker(s): Jimmy Steinmetz

We’ll show you how to apply specific techniques to take dashboards to the next level. With a combined emphasis on design and layout, you’ll develop an arsenal of skills to help your organization transform bland, everyday charts and graphs into visually stunning dashboards that are not only professional in appearance and functionality but incredibly user-friendly. We will also provide you with a comprehensive user interface checklist highlighting what you learned in addition to many other helpful tips. This checklist was designed by the InterWorks’ team to assist you in determining the overall effectiveness and ease of use of your Tableau visualizations. This is an invaluable resource for anyone that designs and/or constructs dashboards.

Topic: Storytelling with Data
Theme: Dashboard and Design
Type: Hands-on Training
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst, Business User
Track: Sponsor
Time: Wednesday - 10:45am to 11:46am