Despite the tremendous promise of AI to transform every industry, companies continue to struggle to deploy it at scale. Organizations continue to confront challenges, such as preparing data properly, training citizen data scientists, and deploying and monitoring AI applications. In this session, you’ll get a crash course in AI and learn how to amplify your Tableau Dashboards with machine learning. Hear detailed accounts on how Healthfirst paired DataRobot Enterprise AI with Tableau to improve HEDIS measures for the at-risk Medicaid population in New York. With a few clicks, business analysts can build multi-factor risk cohorts for targeted care management interventions, fundamentally improving member experiences.

Topic: Data Management, Calculations, AI/ML/IOT/NLP, Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data Management
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst
Track: Sponsor
Category: Healthcare
Time: Wednesday - 4:00pm to 5:01pm

Recording and Materials