Speaker(s): Adam Mohr, Rick Thomas

Organizations invest time and resource labor in pursuit of data-driven insights throughout all operations and job functions, but difficulties in accessing the right data threaten the accuracy, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of those investments. Frequently, data stuck in silos across the enterprise contributes to analysts spending an estimated 80% of their time just looking for and preparing data for needed solutions. With Collibra and Tableau, organizations can provide users the ability to identify and access the right data for their solutions, accelerating end users’ time to insight and establishing confidence in the accuracy of data solutions. Come learn how Lockheed Martin uses Collibra with Tableau to build a certified data marketplace that helps the business rapidly expand insights and intelligence from trusted data across the enterprise.

Topic: Data Management, Data Culture, Data and Content Governance, Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data Management
Type: Session
Level: Everyone
Role: Analyst
Track: Sponsor
Category: Public Sector
Time: Wednesday - 10:30am to 11:01am

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