Speaker(s): Bill Dwyer, Lee Feinberg

This session discusses using the Tableau APIs to embed analytics in a major student information system (SIS) and create solutions that leverage the best aspects of both products. Embedding analytics in the framework of a familiar interface simplifies the user experience three ways: It makes navigation seamless between the Tableau components and the overall SIS, it uses design-thinking to drive intuitive and actionable visualizations, and it defines design-language to improve data literacy and a consistent presentation. You will see specific functions of the JavaScript, REST, and Web Data Connector APIs, plus ways to maintain data security in an embedded solution.

Topic: Automation, Embedded, APIs and Extensibility, Customer Use Cases
Theme: Embedded Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Advanced
Role: Developer
Track: Customer
Category: Education
Time: Friday - 2:15pm to 3:16pm

Recording and Materials