Speaker(s): Robert Dahl

Schwab Executive leadership wants to know what our clients are calling about, constantly. How are clients reacting to the market? How is the new website enhancement performing? How can we serve our clients better? The Interaction Analytics team is responsible for delivering these insights, often requested at the last minute with a same-day / next-day due date. These requests were often laborious and manual taking up valuable time. Enter Tableau. Come see how the team up-skilled quickly, built self-service tools, and eliminated manual data analysis. In doing so the team is able to spend more time on in-depth analyses, providing deeper insights, and making our clients lives easier.

Topic: Customer Use Cases
Theme: Data Culture, Dashboard and Design
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Category: Financial Services
Time: Wednesday - 12:45pm to 1:46pm

Recording and Materials