Speaker(s): Esther Aller, James Ryan

Have you ever seen a cool tutorial that breaks in your workbook? Do you need to update messy calculations in an inherited workbook? Do you look at valid syntax and just don't know what to change? Ever wanted to set your screen on fire? Then this session is for you! Calculations are amazing tools that can quickly become complex. You can keep it simple by creating Tableau visualizations to understand table calculations, level of detail (LOD), aggregations, IF THENs, and other functions. Learn from common examples that demonstrate core concepts, share tips for managing calculated fields, and most importantly break down the steps to troubleshoot a calculation. Bring a familiarity with writing calculations and walk away with a step-by-step survival guide to confidently dive into any calculation.

Topic: Level of Detail Expressions, Calculations
Theme: Data and Analytics Skills
Type: Session
Level: Advanced
Role: Analyst
Track: Analytics
Time: Thursday - 12:15pm to 1:16pm

Recording and Materials