Speaker(s): Jamie Whitehorn

Come with us as we describe our Tableau journey, going from 5 Tableau enthusiasts to a company-wide data analysis tool. Along the way we’ve discovered the significance of Tuesdays, saved over 38,000 man-days and found how to save £2m on water. We’ve established a Center of Excellence, introduced Skills Champions, and created a Certification Program to help us up-skill our analysts and boost staff morale. Using Tableau, we’ve shifted from Excel driven reporting to insight driven self-service. Our journey isn’t finished yet, and we’ll discuss the next steps, including the shift and challenges of moving to self-service analytics with Ask Data.

Topic: Ask Data, Customer Use Cases, Data Culture
Theme: Data Culture, Smart Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Beginner
Role: Data Leader, Analyst
Track: Customer
Time: Friday - 12:15pm to 1:16pm

Recording and Materials