Speaker(s): Jamie Furr

In late 2016, GTS was challenged to deliver innovative data-driven products for our global clientele. The problems? Many. Disparate data sources, data literacy, competitive/silo-ed culture. This session will cover how we've tackled these challenges (and more) to deliver powerful change both internally to our Sales and Product teams as well as our external clients. In year one, we estimate over 10,000 hours previously spent on repetitive efforts to obtain key data points was eliminated by 2 simple dashboards. We'll also cover how we're using Tableau to rapidly iterate and deliver timely insights to our clients, strengthening our status as "Trusted Advisor". Finally, we'll discuss how we're using Tableau to present insights derived via advanced analytics as well as where we're heading next.

Topic: Automation, APIs and Extensibility, Customer Use Cases, Sales and Marketing Analytics
Theme: Embedded Analytics
Type: Session
Level: Intermediate
Role: Analyst
Track: Customer
Category: Financial Services, Sales
Time: Wednesday - 10:30am to 11:31am