Financial data is messy. Preparing and transforming financial data for analysis is highly manual and time-consuming. With the extensive cleaning, enrichment, and shaping that happens with financial data, how do you build trust and confidence in your data once it’s been exported out of your source systems? How can you become your own data engineer? In this Hands-on Training, you will learn our approach to unifying data from our source systems and how our team uses Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop and the entire Tableau platform to support Finance. Attendees will work through exercises to build Tableau Prep flows to solve common finance data challenges (e.g. flattening hierarchies, building schedules, unioning files) and examples of the dashboards we use to monitor and validate our data. There are no prerequisites for this session, but it'll be especially helpful for users who bring a basic understanding of joins and unions.

Topic: Automation, Tableau Prep Builder
Theme: Data Management
Type: Hands-on Training
Level: Intermediate
Track: Data
Category: Finance
Time: Wednesday - 10:30am to 12:31pm