Calling all champions—this is a showdown you don't want to miss. Starring three contestants from competitive feeder competitions, Iron Viz Championship unites them in one final match. Tune in to see each pitted against each other. Wielding matching datasets and Tableau Desktop, these finalists will race to make the finest visualization in the arena. The ultimate winner walks away with $2,000 (and eternal glory, of course). Doors open at 4:30 PM.
Event details
Where: Mandalay Bay Events Center
When: Wednesday, November 13 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Meet the contestants

Lindsey Poulter, Data Visualization Consultant, Wells Fargo

Lindsey Poulter is a data visualization and Tableau enthusiast. She enjoys combining business strategy with design best practices to build innovative dashboards. Currently, she works at Wells Fargo as an analytics consultant, where she is responsible for creating dashboards for executives and customers within the IT department. She has been using Tableau for 5 years and has worked across various industries, ranging from pharmaceutical marketing to financial software. She is currently a Tableau Public Ambassador.

Hesham Eissa, Consulting Analyst, The Information Lab

Hesham works as a Consulting Analyst at The Information Lab and he is part of The Data School. He has been using Tableau for less than a year. After finishing his training in August, he started helping clients visualise and understand their data.

Hesham studied Petrochemical Engineering and has an MBA in Oil & Gas Management. Hesham is inspired by The Data School Head Coach Andy Kriebel, and he is also a huge fan of #MakeoverMonday. Hesham used to work as a personal trainer and helped many people change their lifestyle, he also likes cycling, running and camping. He also admires beautiful landscapes, music and well-designed dashboards. Hesham was born in Cairo, Egypt and currently lives in London, United Kingdom.

Joshua Smith, Manager of Analytics, CoverMyMeds

Josh grew up in a forest in Ohio and moved to the 'big city' of Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his superhero wife (Rebekah), and superhero-in-training and almost-one-year-old son (Soren). He also has a 60-lb lap dog (Wild Jane) and a very hungry cat (Ernest Hemingway).

Joshua's journey into the world of data—and Tableau—has been a bit unorthodox. He has a diverse educational background in decision science, photography, folkloristics, creative writing, and biostatistics - and his disinterest in actually focusing on one thing has given him 0.75 graduate degrees (it rounds down). Nearly a decade ago, Joshua was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Through the struggles of his illness and US healthcare, Josh developed a passion for using analytics and Tableau to improve healthcare for patients just like himself. Today, he works as an analytics manager at CoverMyMeds, helping patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.