From learning to impact

At Tableau Conference, we help you see and understand your data. It is the best place to find solutions to common challenges, learn to build a more data-driven culture, and stay up-to-date on industry trends–it’s the best investment to make in yourself and your team. Explore classroom or lecture style settings for immersive training in new and existing concepts, and get hands-on help to take you from “huh?” to “A-ha!” in just four days. Here are three of the tried and true best ways to learn and get the inspiration you crave from Tableau Conference.

Breakout sessions

  • Find creative ways to solve your data challenges from customers that have found success and made Tableau an invaluable part of their workflow.
  • Theater style with individual speaker or panel
  • 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions
  • Speaker type: Customers, partners, Tableau employee experts, Zen Masters

Hands-on Training

  • Follow along classroom style to learn best practices in Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online.
  • Led by an instructor with floating helpers in the audience to keep you up-to-speed and on track
  • 60 or 120 minutes depending on content
  • Speaker type: Partners, Tableau trainers


  • Gain key insights about industry trends and innovations from the keynote stage to impress the smartest of dinner party guests.
  • Theater style in large auditorium with option to watch live from Data Village
  • 60 or 90 minutes
  • Speaker type: Tableau leadership, guest customers, Tableau dev demos, thought leaders in the world of data

Take a deeper dive

Want to stretch your brain (and legs) outside of a session room? Meet with a Tableau Doctor for one-on-one consulting for your dashboards, data prep, or server/online management. Book Training Workshops for step-by-step practice scenarios led by expert instructors covering fundamental and advanced data and analytics concepts. Dive deeper into the additional learning opportunities below.

Tableau Doctor

  • Sit down with a Tableau expert assigned with your needs in mind
  • 45 minute appointments or 5 minute check-ups
  • Reservation required for appointment; walk-ins available
  • Find quick solutions at the Minute Clinic in Data Village

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Tableau Showcase

  • Dive deeper into new and future features with Tableau Developers
  • Drop-in for new features or schedule an appointment for demos and discussion
  • Developers talk directly about the features they build and manage while you get the inside scoop

Training & Cert

  • Build your skills with training or prove them with certification
  • Classroom style full day training or time controlled proctored exams
  • Time and skill levels vary
  • Pre-registration and additional fee required

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Learning through connection

The Tableau Community is the most valuable resource at your disposal. This community is the gift that keeps on giving and they attend Tableau Conference by the thousands. Connections made here help you apply what you learn to real-world scenarios you can take back to your organization. If you’re a social learner, these interactive content types and activities will be your favorite part of Tableau Conference.


  • Get all the tips and tricks at Aha Central in Data Village from the best and brightest in the Tableau Community
  • 15-30 min knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Tableau Zen Masters, Ambassadors, partners, foundation grantees, and customers share their favorite and most-used skills


  • View data and dashboards from different perspectives in sessions like Makeover monday, Fanalytics, Workout Wednesday, Viz for Social Good and Hackathon
  • Bring your laptop and work alongside experts in the industry for quick tips, best practices, and work so fun it feels like play


  • Visit Braindates for guided networking around topics you care about
  • Meet with groups of 1-5 for intentional, 30-45 minute knowledge-sharing conversations about any topic of your choice
  • Foster the connections and conversations that last beyond Tableau Conference