Why apply

Customer sessions are a critical part of what makes Tableau Conference such a memorable event. Every year, we hear customer presentations are the highlight for attendees. We’re excited to welcome the highest caliber speakers and Tableau lovers representing a wide array of industries, companies, and unique use cases. We look forward to hearing how you and your company are using Tableau, and hope you may be able to share your story with thousands of your fellow data fanatics.

TC19 customer speaker applications are now closed. Applicants will be notified of acceptance status in mid-July. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Who should apply to speak at TC19?

We love to hear from companies that have enormous Tableau enterprise deployments and also those using Tableau within a single department or team, inclusive of all industries and functional roles. We're looking for thought-leaders and trailblazers: people who are out on the front lines defining and redefining what's possible with analytics and data visualization.

What topic should I present?

Tell us the exciting ways you’re using Tableau in your work! We’re always looking for Tableau stories that are on the cutting edge of leveraging visual analytics, and sessions where the attendees will have some lessons they can “take home” and think about applying at their own company. In 2019 we're particularly interested in data challenges companies face today, and the exciting ways people are using Tableau to address them. Topics like:

  • Data prep
  • "Ask Data" and natural language processing
  • Geospatial mapping
  • Data cataloging
  • Embedded analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud data migration
  • Enterprise-wide adoption
  • IT server & administration
My story is a little offbeat, should I still apply?

After the success of mini sessions at TC17 and TC18, we’re excited to bring them back. If your Tableau story is non-traditional, a mini session could be a great fit for you! This thirty-minute, lecture-style session on stage in Data Village is an opportunity for you to share with the community what excites you about Tableau and the creative, fun, inspiring impact you’ve made with data.

I worked with a consultant/partner for my story. Can they speak with me?

Generally, all speaker applicants must be full-time employees of the company they represent. Your partner/consultant may be present to help with the 15 minutes of Q&A at the end of your session.

If you are a partner and would like more information on partnership opportunities, including sponsored speaking sessions, email sponsorship@tableau.com.

Consultants and partners: Instead of submitting customer cases as session proposals, encourage your customer to submit an application to speak about the joint solution.

I spoke last year. Can I apply to speak again this year?

It’s very rare that we accept back-to-back customer speakers at this event. Part of what makes TC unique is the brand new content attendees have not seen anywhere else. Unless your proposed session content is significantly different than last year’s, we suggest waiting until next year.

Can I see some examples of past sessions?

You can find recordings of last year’s sessions on YouTube, and browse the 2018 catalog of sessions here.

What do you look for in applications?

Funny you ask. We actually have some suggestions:

  • Be specific in your abstract. Make it clear what you're planning to speak about, what attendees will learn, and why it will be valuable for them. A one-sentence abstract is not what success looks like and neither is a 50-sentence abstract.
  • Include dashboards! The session application has space to upload dashboards or images of dashboards. We will NOT share these dashboards externally, ever. But we will say that showing us great dashboards as a part of your application increases the likelihood of session acceptance. (We understand that for some stories and companies this is not possible or doesn't make sense in the context of your topic).
  • Show us you know your stuff.There are fields in the application that request background on you and your use case. Don't rush through or ignore these fields. Use them to demonstrate you're someone the TC audience can learn from.
If selected, do I get a free ticket?

Tableau offers one full conference registration per accepted session. This means if you submit an accepted session with multiple speakers, only one is able to use the complimentary registration. The other speakers will need to buy tickets, although we will provide one discount code for a co-speaker.

All customer speakers will have a special speaker party just for you!

Tableau does not cover the cost of airfare or hotel for customer speakers.

Should I register to attend the conference if I’m also applying to speak?

Yes! We recommend that everyone register early to get the best pricing and take advantage of lowest hotel rates. If you’re one of our accepted speakers, and you’ve purchased a ticket, we will process a full refund once you’ve confirmed your session.

When will I find out if I was accepted?

We'll notify accepted speakers in mid-July.

If I get accepted, can someone else from my company do the presentation?

No. We accept people, not companies, as customer speakers. Please do not expect that someone else from your company can present on your behalf. Tableau reserves the right to rescind a speaking slot if the original applicant is no longer available to speak.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to customerspeakers@tableau.com and one of our fearless Customer Evidence team members will respond as soon as possible with more information.