Tableau Conference 2019 is just around the corner. Download the official conference app to make sure you don't miss a moment. The app is your go-to guide—don't leave home without it. To download the mobile app, search your app store for “Tableau Conference.”

Once downloaded, sign in using the credentials you created during registration. Forgot your password? No problem. You can reset it here. Prefer to use your desktop to build your schedule? No problem. Access the schedule builder with the same credentials from your computer. If you have any issues with login, simply email us at

How to use the TC mobile app

Watch this video for a mobile app tutorial and action plan for building your TC schedule. In this short video, you’ll learn how to navigate the app and see a demo of the best path to your perfect schedule.

Navigating the app

Find your way through TC with these helpful tools in the mobile app. Use the menu on the left to explore different elements like Discover, Schedule, Activities, and more.


The Discover pane shows “can’t miss” moments that we’ve highlighted for you - these will change daily, so check back to discover the top activities and sessions per day.


The schedule is all of the scheduled items that have a timeslot like hands-on training, breakout sessions, keynotes, and meetups. New this year, you can reserve your spot in all scheduled sessions.


Activities are elements that are open daily, and you can stop by at a time that works for you. Use this section of the app to find more details and hours of operation for Braindates, Tableau Doctor, and more.

Event Info

Event info is essentially an information desk in the palm of your hand. Here you’ll find details about accessibility, meals, transportation, registration, mothers and prayer rooms, and more.


Maps offer detailed floor plans of each level within the TC venue. Important locations like session rooms, restrooms, meals, registration, etc. will also be visible. This will be especially helpful in Data Village to find your way around that mini city.

Tableau Doctor and Braindates

Tableau Doctor and Braindates scheduling is also integrated with the TC schedule, so you can book appointments directly and avoid double-booking yourself. Use the same credentials for your Braindates login.

Reserve your seat or standby

This year you can reserve your seat in all sessions. At launch we open the initial wave of seats, then we continue to open new seats as we finalize the room assignments. You won’t see rooms assigned to sessions until November 10, so we can make sure we’re providing as much room as possible for sessions that have the most demand.

Standby lines will still be available, so if there is a session you couldn’t reserve, there’s still a chance. If you successfully reserved a seat, make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before the session starts. If you don’t, your seat will be given to one of the patient folks in the front of the standby line.

Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to build my schedule?
Use the same email and password you created during the registration process, your Tableau ID. Forgot your password? No problem. Reset it here.
Do you have any tips for building my schedule?
We have six! Check out this blog.
What if I have trouble using the mobile app?
For assistance with the mobile app, please contact
How do I reserve a seat for sessions?
Tap the star to the left of the session title to add it to your schedule. Only one session per timeslot is allowed and will be alerted with a pop-up message if a conflict exists. Cancel the existing session in order to book the new session.
What do the statuses mean next to session titles?
This shows the current capacity of each session.
  • Available (green) - Session is available to add to your schedule.
  • On schedule (green) - Successfully added the session to your schedule; seat is reserved until 5 minutes before the start time.
  • Almost full (orange) - Session is available to add to your schedule, but seats are limited.
  • Full (red text) - Session has reached its maximum pre-registration capacity; standby room only.
If I can’t reserve a seat for a session, will there be standby seats available?
A small percentage of session capacity is reserved for standby seating. Also, reserved seats are forfeited 5 minutes before the start of a session, so additional seats could open.
Why are some sessions already on my schedule?
Keynotes, Welcome Reception, and Data Night Out were automatically added to your schedule as these are top priority and will not conflict with any other sessions.
How long is my seat reserved for a session I successfully reserve?
Your seat is reserved until 5 minutes before the session starts. If you’re not seated 5 minutes before, your seat is forfeited.
If I go to a session and it’s not what I thought, can I leave to join a different session?
Yes you can, but this situation is subject to standby. If you leave a session once it has started, your reserved seat is forfeited.
Do Tableau Doctor appointments and Braindates affect session conflicts?
Yes, Tableau Doctor appointments and Braindates are integrated with the TC schedule, so they cannot overlap with sessions added to your schedule.
I don’t see rooms associated to the sessions. When will they be added?
In order to properly build out capacity based on need, we assign session rooms a couple of days before the start of TC. You can expect to see rooms added to sessions on November 10.
Do I need to bring anything for hands-on training sessions?
For most hands-on training (HOT) sessions, a laptop will be provided for you, including the latest version of Tableau, relevant data sources, etc. In order to add additional HOT sessions, a few of them will be bring-your-own-laptop. These session titles will end with “(BYOD Laptop)” to differentiate. Check out the session descriptions for more information.
I’d like to see the schedule data in Tableau for fun. How do I do that?
We love your spirit. Click here to access the web data connector and find tips to get started.
Why do some sessions end at specific times like 11:01 AM?
Because there are so many sessions in a variety of timeslots, some will be back-to-back with no travel time in-between. We created a workaround by adding a minute to the end to avoid overbooking or session conflicts for sessions with end times the same as the following session’s start time.